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The big daddy platforms are Google , Facebook , YouTube and Linkedin. However, there are many other relatively smaller ones like Instagram, reddit, pinterest, snapchat etc that can work wonders for some businesses. The point is that each platform has it’s own flavour in terms of how to target the right audience on it, which demographic of people is it popular with, what kind of products or services seem to get engagement on it and which country it is more popular in. Therefore there is no one size that will fit all. After our initial consultation with the client and an understanding of the goals for digital marketing, we may propose one or more platforms to choose as part of the digital marketing strategy. Before you spend a single penny, you will have complete clarity on which platforms we will be using , why you would be using those and how will that help in achieving your business goals.
The exact answer will depend on the following factors
  1. What is the product or service you wish to advertise
  2. Who your target audience is
  3. Which geographies you wish to advertise in
  4. What are your goals ( branding, leads, sales )
  5. Which digital platforms we use to achieve these business goals
Digital marketing however provides you the flexibility to start with a low budget, sometimes as low as a few hundred dollars per month and once you can see your business goals being met, you can easily scale it up as per your needs. Since the results of digital marketing activities are more measurable than the traditional forms, one can easily know which activities to scale up and which to scale down.
Sure, trains were there for ages before aeroplanes came around. That did not make trains as a better mode of transport ? Specifically, here are some key advantages in brief The world is at your fingertips – You can much more easily reach out to people in the remote corners of the world with Digital technology compared with traditional methods More measurable – Results are more measurable compared to traditional methods. More precision targeting – Your ad dollars will be better spent, as you will be able to more precisely reach your target audience than the traditional methods. More flexible – You can often divide your ad spend in small units and experiment with various marketing techniques ( eg. different targeting, creatives, messaging , etc ) and this can be much more easily compared to your traditional methods of marketing. This is a common practice and use of this results in a winning combination, which is then scaled up. Budget flexibility – You can start with a really low budget and then scale it up ad you fine tune the campaign. This makes it easy to experiment and assess demand for your products / services in new markets Engage with customers – The interactive nature of digital media lends itself very well to customer engagement. For example, a customer who visits your website or social media page or post or blog or sees your ad can instantly interact with it
We stand by our commitment to ensure you meet your business goals expected of digital marketing activities performed by us. However, unfortunately we cannot guarantee specific results. In some of the services we provide, we however put our skin in the game and charge variable – performance driven fees where we set targets and charge variable amounts based on percentage of the target achieved.
We are a performance driven digital marketing organisation. Our focus in not on the activities we perform as part of our offerings but on the results of those and this is for our own selfish reasons as we clearly understand that long term relationship is only possible in a win-win scenario
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