TABLE Analysis Assessment

Board evaluation enables firms to unlock insights via all their info, so they can generate more smart decisions and improve overall performance. This one-of-a-kind platform combines business intelligence and corporate performance management, delivering a single adaptation of the truth, automated en-cas, and self-service analysis, dashboarding, and confirming to maximize productivity.

Getting Started: Users find that BOARD’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started. Additionally they laud their no-coding gui and drag-and-drop feature that saves all of them time and enables them to modify the solution with their organization’s needs.

Efficiency: About 89% of users examining BOARD’s features say that the perfect solution is powerful and versatile, citing, in particular, the way that they can tailor the capabilities to their needs. Critics also report its no-coding predictive stats, which allows those to identify possibilities that could include otherwise no longer unnoticed, and also its capacity to integrate with multiple devices and effortlessly scale to meet changing demands.

Steep Learning Curve: When robust in features, BOARD has a steep learning shape for new users, with regarding 79% of testers saying they will struggled to know the ins and outs of the answer. This generally stems from the limited library of educational solutions and tiny user community, which slows adoption by majority of users.

Limited Support: While the top quality of support varies case-by-case, about 60 per cent of users who talked about this issue noted reluctant response times and ambiguous error messages that demonstrated too hard to debug independent.