Linkedin is the largest professional networking platform. It has almost 500+ million users. You can think of LinkedIn as structured database of resumes of all these people. Now , Imagine if you wished to reach out to the Marketing director of all companies in New york , who have an employee strength of more than 500 people and who are in the Financial services industry, you could reach them via LinkedIn advertising.
LinkedIn works great for both B2C and B2B business but it has no parallel for B2B business. With it’s exceptional targeting capabilities it is very popular among B2B marketers. You can create multiple types of ads on LinkedIn, including image, text and video ads.
We help you create LinkedIn marketing campaigns that reach the right target audience.

What LinkedIn Advertising services do we offer?

  • LinkedIn marketing strategy & campaign planning
  • LinkedIn campaign and digital funnel creation
  • On-going campaign tracking and optimization
  • Discovery of new market opportunities for business scalability
  • ROI measurement & campaign progress reporting
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