What is Facebook advertising?

As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook has 2.19 billion “active” users a month. That’s huge ! Chances are high that the people to whom you want to communicate your marketing message are in there somewhere
Over the last couple of decades, Facebook has morphed from a simple social platform that connects college students to a complete social environment where people connect with each other to share memories, exchange views , read news and even buy stuff.
The average time spent by users everyday on Facebook has gone up many times over in the last decade. Look around you and you will see people spending lots of time on their mobile phones and a lot of this is using social media apps like Facebook. As a business owner, you should be aware that that all of the data , willingly shared on this network can be mined in order to create highly targeted marketing opportunities. The Facebook ad platform allows businesses to pull information from the online activities of billions of users using the platform to so you can create segmented groups of people who may be interested in a product or service you are offering.
Just to understand this a little better, here are just a few examples of some parameters based on which you can create targeted Facebook campaigns.
Demographics : Age / Gender / Location / Education levels Personal Interests : Golf, Fishing, Reading, Tennis , Software development, etc “Liked” Posts and Pages Phone Numbers Email Addresses Interest in your products : Visited specific pages of your website Friends Person-to-Person Connections Reported Relationship StatusFacebook is an important tool in your advertising arsenal if you are reaching out to the younger population.

What Facebook Advertising services do we offer?

  • Facebook marketing strategy & campaign planning
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • On-going campaign tracking and optimization
  • Discovery of new market opportunities for business scalability
  • ROI measurement & campaign progress reporting
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