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Inaugurated in 1981 by the then British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher, the school has grown over the years to be recognised as one of the top 10 business schools of India. SPJIMR runs a number of executive and regular Management programmes.

The Opportunity

One of the popular programmes run by SPJIMR is the Global Management Programme, popularly known as the GMP. Under this programme, the student does part of their studies in the Mumbai campus of SPJIMR and part in one of the five partner Schools in US or Europe. These schools are Brandies and Maryland in the US and EBS, IESEG and Nyenrode in Europe.
Due to the nature of the programme and the strong selection process for this course, it is not always easy to reach out to the right set of candidates and educate them about the benefits of this course, that has a perfect blend of local and International flavour. Within a limited budget, SPJIMR wanted to leverage the social media to reach out to a targeted audience and get them excited about the benefits of this programme

The Challenge

Being one the top 10 Management Schools in India, SPJIMR did not have a problem in brand visibility and so with mass advertisement could attract hundreds of applications for the limited number of positions. However, it was important for the school to get the right set of candidates who would be eligible, can pay the fees and satisfy the eligibility criteria for the foreign schools as well.

The Approach

SPJIMR asked ABP ( A billion people ) to help create an online strategy with the following objectives 1. Communicate the core ethos and objectives of the GMP Programme 2. Reach out to the right set of potential students for this programme 3. Get leads of interested candidates so the admissions outreach team could follow up and close ABP used a combination of Facebook, Instagram , Google Search Engine Marketing and Youtube to achieve the above objectives. Facebook , Instagram and Youtube were used for content marketing to communicate key information about the programme and also along with Google Search Engine marketing to generate the leads.


The results were that by middle of Feb ( admissions for the session close in March ), there were enough relevant applications to fill all the seats available. After a couple of screening processes, towards the middle of march the Programme achieved their admissions target for the year. Ps : SPJIMR has been a client of ABP for three consecutive admissions seasons now. While the broad strategies remain the same, there are some differences in the approach every year and new partner schools get added and old ones leave. Over the years, we have been able to get the cost per lead consistent down year after year.
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