CrackIAS is a provider of study material for Indian Civil Services Examinations , also popularly known as the UPSC exams or IAS ( Indian Administrative Services ) exams. These are very competitive exams with lacs of students appearing for only thousands of available seats. This has given rise to specialised coaching institutes as well as specialized self study coaching material. Crack IAS is a leading provider of this coaching material.

The Opportunity

IAS jobs are highly coveted Jobs of the Indian govt. This is the reason that even for a very few seats there are large number of applicants and this presents a huge opportunity for companies like CrackIAS to provide these candidates their specialized coaching material.

The Challenge

The IAS aspirants are spread out throughout the country. Sometimes IAS preparation can start 2 – 3 years before aspirant actually plans to sit for the examination. Furthermore, the IAS exam can be given in multiple languages. CrackIAS has their study material in English and therefore wants to reach out to candidates who would appear for the exams in English. Further, they want to be able to segregate the applicants into categories depending on which year in the future are they planning to sit for the examination.

The Approach

CrackIAS approached A Billion People ( ABP ) to reach out to their target audience of IAS Job aspirants who are preparing for IAS exams. They also wanted to qualify the leads based on the language of writing the exams as well as the year in which they plan to take the exam.


The cost per lead was way lower than other traditional forms of marketing. The automatic qualification of the leads proved to be a big time saver, and this resulted in the telecalling team could achieve a high conversion rate in less time. The digital funnel was automated with from the lead generation to lead qualification to lead delivery into the CRM.
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