Asanja Africa is a provides of luxury Safari experiences in the heart of Tanzania. Wildlife lovers from across the world throng to the vasts lands of Tanzania to experience wildlife in its most natural habitat. Asanja has luxury Safaris and luxury tented camps to cater to these needs of their travellers.

The Opportunity

African Safaris , especially the ones in North Africa, in the countries of Tanzania and Kenya are very popular.People from across the world, especially, North America, some countries in South America, Europe and Australia have been keen visitors to these Safaris. These Safaris are expensive holidays and can easily cost upwards of $10,000 per trip. However, this also presents a huge opportunity to Asanja to capitalize on this opportunity.

The Challenge

There are a large number of Safari operators in Africa and this makes it a highly competitive space. Due to the large ticket size of the service, the opportunity cost lost due to a missed sale can also be huge. To an extent the Wildlife safari business is also seasonal, due to the wildlife habitat and the local temperatures. All these factors makes it extremely important to get the right people interested in your Safari and convert.

The Approach

Besides reaching the right set of people with our Safari services, it is also important to profile them so as to ensure they have the paying capacity. Due to the large reach of digital marketing, it is possible that you may end up getting many aspirational leads, who would like to attend Safari trips but unable to pay. These Safari trips are also planned months in advance.
Keeping these considerations in mind, ABP used Facebook, Google Search Engine Marketing , Instagram PPC for lead generation . Two types of PPC ads were run, one lead ads withing Facebook and other Google & Facebook ads that drove traffic to the website. Drip email marketing , Social media marketing and blogging to engage with wildlife lovers. Further, as the bookings for these travels is usually done months in advance and thorough rereplace usually accompanies before deciding on final choice, remarketing along with drip email marketing was used effectively to move the users down the funnel.


The results was an increase in engagement on the Facebook and instagram pages as well as more leads through the PPC route. Traffic generation ads resulted in better quality leads compared to the Facebook lead ads and these were scaled up. A healthy positive ROI resulted from the first month onwards and continued to grow month on month as ads on Google and Facebook were optimized.
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