KAN Immigration is a provider of Canada Visa and Immigration services. It has clients across the globe. It’s clients include Individuals who are seeking any kind of Canada visa services ( Visitors Visa, PR, Spousal sponsorships , Family Visas, etc ) and organisations who seek Work permits, LMIA, etc services. KAN Immigration also caters to part of foreign nationals in Canada who are seeking to get Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

The Opportunity

Canada has one of the highest quality of living standards anywhere in the world. Coupled with it’s vibrant Immigration policy , there is a huge demand for people across the world to settle Immigrate to and start a new life in Canada. KAN Immigration provides their consultancy these these people so as to result in a successful Immigration process . KAN Immigration operates through a network of Partners in different countries as well as through direct marketing in countries where it does not have a partner network. KAN Immigration has partners in Dubai, India and Nepal.

The Challenge

While Canada is land of Immigrants, just like the other nations , it has a strict Immigration policy under which potential Immigrants have to qualify. There is huge demand for seeking Canada Permanent Residency in the countries in which KAN Immigration operates through it network of Partners. Therefore, it is important to reach the right set of people who would be interested in seeing Canadian PR , who have the resources and who would be most likely to qualify as per Govt. of Canada rules. It is required to generate a stream of qualifying leads of people from the target countries ( Canada, Dubai , Nepal, India – where Partner officers operate ) and pass them on to the partner offices as well as serve others directly.

The Approach

KAN Immigration asked ABP to device a multi-channel online strategy to reach these people .and get them interested to choose KAN Immigration for their services. Further, it required to the potential candidates to go through a series of steps to check for basic qualifying criterias so as to pass on the qualifying leads to the Partner offices in different countries. For leads generated through Canada, the head office in Vancouver would process them directly.
ABP used Google replace engine marketing, Facebook Lead ads and LinkedIn to reach out to create digital campaigns. The leads generated through each of these were further funneled to a online assessment form and then filtered as per geography to finally be shared with the respected partner via an online CRM . All this process was done and fully automated.


This resulted in a smooth flow of high quality leads to the Partner offices of KAN Immigration which resulted in high conversions. Due to the automation of the process of lead generation and qualification, these were delivered to the Partner offices in realtime which helped in converting them when the follow up was within a short period of lead coming in.
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