Get customers & build loyalty with content marketing

In the universe of digital marketing, websites struggle for the top position in the replace engines. There are unquestionably diverse approaches to do it. One of them is CONTENT MARKETING, which is the prime influence for digital marketers and positively has no dilemmas. Maybe it is why the proverb goes: “CONTENT IS THE KING”. If […]

Digital Marketing for Doctors

Digital Marketing for Doctors: As they say, we must embrace meaningful changes. And since we are already living in a generation which is predominantly run by technological advancements such as the use of computers and the rise and rise of the internet, it is about time to embrace change for our own advantage. Despite it […]

Google vs Facebook for eCommerce

There are essentially two big daddies of the digital ad world. Google and Facebook. Ads served on these often fall in the PPC, or pay per click categories and referred to as paid ads. However, there is a fundamental difference in the way these two types of ad mechanisms work. Let’s look into this Google’s name to fame is […]

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